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About the Author of Not Another Lemon!


Hi. My name is Clare Randall. I was born in the UK, and moved to Australia in 2007. After a long and varied career I finally found my passion and the work I was born to do in my early forties when I settled in Melbourne and retrained as a counsellor.

Since then I have specialised in relationships, with many hundreds of hours of experience working with both individuals and couples to get the relationship they always dreamed of. It’s immensely fulfilling and valuable work.

I have also personally walked The Not Another Lemon! journey. For most of my adult life I experienced a series of long-term romantic relationships that were lonely, unhappy, and unfulfilling through to financially, physically, and emotionally disastrous for me. Whilst my experience will not be exactly the same as yours, I understand what it is like to go from one difficult relationship to another hoping and trying to ensure that the next one will be different, only to be disappointed yet again.

My goal is to show you how it can be different. That it can be different, and that you are not doomed to keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again. This is not another how to attract a guy / find a guy / keep your guy dating ebook. The Not Another Lemon! workbook gets to the core of why you have the relationship history you have, and shows you how to break your patterns so that when you are ready you will choose to bring someone into your life who is extraordinary (in a good way this time!).

The cycle can be broken once you have the knowledge of why you made the choices you made, once you have absolute clarity on what you’re looking for in your dream partner, and when you’ve got the hang of how to date very differently from how you’ve been doing it. You will then quickly and confidently move straight past those potential partners you might have fallen into an unhealthy relationship with in the past, leaving you free to bring someone amazing into your life.

Are you ready? Let’s go!

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